Adobe Analytics PreTrack & PostTrack

Like to do some additional cool stuff for your company by utilizing adobe analytics image request and appending additional data  (PII or non PII)  by sending to in house infrastructure? thanks to Adobe analytics JavaScript 1.8.0  version.

The following pre- and post-tracking call hooks.



These functions take as parameters: the callback (a function), and the parameters to that function.  The callback is invoked with the requestUrl and any parameters passed in when the callback is registered. This occurs either before or after the tracking call, depending on which method is used to register the callback. The order in which these callbacks are called is not guaranteed. Callbacks registered in the pre function are invoked after the final tracking URL is created. The post callbacks are called upon a successful tracking call (if the tracking call fails, these functions are not called).

Place the hook function simply in doPlugins section

function s_doPlugins(s) {s.registerPreTrackCallback(function(requestUrl) {
// requestUrl is  current Image Request URL
var str = requestUrl;
var nstr = str.replace(“”, ‘’);
var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();“POST”, nstr , true);

Any callback registered with registerPreTrackCallback do not affect the tracking call.

Also, calling any of the tracking methods in any registered callback is not recommended by Adobe and could cause an infinite loop.


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